Japanese Popular Female Names (spelling and meanings)


Japanese popular female names. Kanji spelling, Hiragana spelling, English pronunciation and meanings.

There’s a lot of kanji spelling and meanings for just only one name.

In this blog introduces you the popular kanji spelling.

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Popular Japanese Female Names TOP 100

Japanse pupular female (girl) names, Hiragana spelling, Kanji spelling and meanings.

1.AOI / あおい(葵, 碧)
“葵” means mallow and hollyhock.

2.YUUNA / ゆうな(結菜, 優奈, 優菜, 友奈)
“結” means bear fruit and became successful. “優” means kindness. “菜” means brassica napus. “奈” means beauty and kindness. “友” means friends.

3.HIMARI / ひまり(陽葵, 日葵)
It means like warm and kindness. “葵” means mallow and hollyhock.

4.SAKURA / さくら(桜, 咲良, 櫻)
“桜” means cherryblossom. “咲” means smile, bloom and flowering.

5.MEI / めい(芽依, 芽生, 芽衣, 優衣)
“芽” means sprout and new start. “優” means kindness.

6.YUI / ゆい(結依, 結衣, 結, 唯)
“結” means bear fruit and became successful.

7.RIN / りん(凛, 鈴)
“凛” means dignified. “鈴” means bell.

8.YUA / ゆあ(結愛、優愛)
“結愛” means make love and connect our hearts together. “優愛” means kindness and love.

9.RIKO / りこ(莉子, 璃子)
“莉” means grow up lovely and pure.

10.HINA / ひな(陽菜, 雛, 妃奈)
“陽” means sun, sunlight and warm. “雛” means lovely and adorable. “妃” means queen and princess.

11.TSUMUGI / つむぎ(紬)
“紬” means beautiful and strong.

12.MIO / みお(澪, 美桜, 美緒, 美央、実桜)
“澪” means pure and clear. “美” means beautiful. “実” means bear fruit and true. “桜” means cherryblossom.

13.YUZUKI/ ゆずき or ゆづき(結月, 柚希, 柚月)
“結” means bear fruit and became successful. “月” means moon. “柚” means a small citrus fruit. “希” means rare and hope.

14.MITSUKI / みつき(美月)
“美月” means beautiful moon.

15.AN / あん(杏)
“杏” means apricot.

16.KAEDE / かえで(楓)
“楓” means maple.

17.AKARI / あかり(朱莉, 朱里, 明莉)
“朱” means scarlet.

18.KOKOHA / ここは(心春)
“心” means heart. “春” means spring.

19.KOTONE / ことね(琴音)
“琴” means Japanise traditional musical instrument called “koto”. “音” means a sound.

20.RIO / りお(梨央, 莉緒, 里桜)
“梨” means pear. “莉” means grow up lovely and pure. “桜” means cherryblossom.

21.ANNA / あんな(杏奈)
“杏” means apricot.

22.HIKARI / ひかり(光)
“光” means light.

23.KOTOHA / ことは(琴葉)
“琴” means Japanise traditional musical instrument called “koto”. “葉” means leaf.

24.SAKI / さき(咲, 沙紀, 沙希, 紗希, 咲希)
“咲” means smile, bloom and flowering. “沙” means sand and seashore. “紗” means thin silk. “希” means rare and hope.

25.HANA / はな(花, 華)
“花” means flower. “華” means gorgeous.

26.HINANO / ひなの(陽菜乃)
“陽” means sun, sunlight and warm. “菜” means brassica napus.

27.AIRI / あいり(愛莉, 愛理, 愛梨)
“愛” means love. “莉” means grow up lovely and pure. “梨” means pear.

28.KAHO / かほ(夏帆, 佳穂)
“夏” means summer. “帆” means sail. “佳” means beautiful and splendid.

29.MIYU / みゆ(美優, 望結, 美由, 美結, 実優, 心優)

“美” means beautiful. “優” means kindness. “望” means hope. “実” means bear fruit and true. “結” means bear fruit and became successful. “心” means heart.

30.IROHA / いろは(彩葉)
“彩” means colorful and beautiful. “葉” means leaf.

31.NATSUKI / なつき(菜月)
“菜” means brassica napus. “月” means moon.

32.UTA / うた(詩)
“詩” means poem.

33.MIYUU / みゆう(心結, 美優, 実優)
“心” means heart. “結” means bear fruit and became successful. “美” means beautiful. “優” means kindness. “実” means bear fruit and true.

34.AINA / あいな(愛菜, 愛奈)
“愛” means love. “菜” means brassica napus.

35.MIHARU / みはる(美春, 心陽)
“美春” means beautiful spring. “心” means heart. “陽” means sun, sunlight and warm.

36.SUMIRE / すみれ(菫)
“菫” means violet.

37.KOHARU / こはる(小春, 小晴)
“小” means small. “春” means spring. “晴” means sunny.

38.HINATA / ひなた(陽向)
“陽” means sun, sunlight and warm.

39.WAKANA / わかな(若菜, 和奏)
“若菜” means young and soft. “和奏” means peaceful and calm.

40.MIORI / みおり(美織)
“美織” means beautiful.

41.SHIORI / しおり(詩織, 栞, 紫織, 汐, 志桜里, 汐里)
“詩” means poem. “汐” means tide.

42.MIKOTO / みこと(美琴, 弥琴)
“美” means beautiful. “琴” means Japanise traditional musical instrument called “koto”.

43.KANON / かのん(花音, 風音)
“花” means flower. “音” means a sound. “風” means wind.

44.SANA / さな(紗菜, 咲奈, 沙奈, 沙那)
“紗” means thin silk. “菜” means brassica napus. “咲” means smile, bloom and flowering. “沙” means sand and seashore.

45.ICHIKA / いちか(一華, 一花)
“一” means first. “花” means flower. “華” means gorgeous.

46.HADUKI / はづき(葉月)
“葉” means leaf. “月” means moon.

48.AYANO / あやの(彩乃, 綾乃)
“彩乃” means telented and charming. “綾乃” means grace.

49.REINA / れいな(玲奈, 怜奈, 麗奈)
“怜” means smart. “麗” means beautiful and grace.

50.SUZU / すず(鈴)
“鈴” means bell.

51.YUZUHA / ゆずは(柚葉、柚羽)
“柚葉” means leaf of a small citrus fruit. “柚” means a small citrus fruit. “羽” means wing.

52.MINORI / みのり
It means fruitful.

53.MIU / みう(美羽, 海羽)
“美羽” means beautiful wing. “海” means sea and ocean. “羽” means wing.

54.KANA / かな(香奈, 香菜, 佳奈, 夏南)
“香” means fragrance. “菜” means brassica napus. “佳” means beautiful and splendid. “夏” means summer. “南” means south.

55.YUUMI / ゆうみ(結心, 優美, 優実, 友美)
“結” means bear fruit and became successful. “心” means heart. “優” means kindness. “美” means beautiful. “実” means bear fruit and true. “友” means friends.

56.SARA / さら(紗良, 沙羅, 沙良)
“紗” means thin silk. “沙” means sand and seashore. “良” means good.

57.MISAKI / みさき(美咲, 心咲)
“美” means beautiful. “咲” means smile, bloom and flowering. “心” means heart.

58.AI / あい(愛, 藍)
“愛” means love. “藍” means indigo blue.

59.YUTSUKI / ゆつき(優月)
“優” means kindness. “月” means moon.

60.HIYORI / ひより(日和, 陽葵)
It means cheerful.

61.SHINO / しの(詩乃, 紫乃)
“詩” means poem. “紫” means purple.

62.AYAHA / あやは(彩羽)
“彩” means colorful and charming.”羽” means wing.

63.NOA / のあ(乃愛, 望愛)
“愛” means love. “望” means hope.

64.NAGI / なぎ(凪)
It means calm.

65.YUUKA / ゆうか(優花, 優香, 夕夏)
“優” means kindness. “花” means flower. “夕” means evening. “夏” means summer.

66.KANNA / かんな(栞奈, 環奈)
It means cheerful and lovely.

67.CHIHARU / ちはる(千晴, 千春)
“千” means a thousand. “晴” means sunny. “春” means spring.

68.RIHO / りほ(莉帆, 里穂, 梨歩)
“莉” means grow up lovely and pure. “帆” means sail. “梨” means pear. “歩” means advance.

69.MOMOKA / ももか(百花, 桃花, 桃香)
“百花” means a hundred flowers. “桃花” means peach blossom. “桃香” means peach fragrance.

70.SHIZUKU / しずく(雫)
“雫” means drop.

71.MANA / まな(茉奈, 愛奈, 真奈, 真菜, 愛菜)
“愛” means love. “菜” means brassica napus. “真” means true.

72.RIKKA / りっか(六花, 立夏)
“六花” means snow crystal and the one and only. “立夏” means beginning of summer.

73.AYAKA / あやか(綾香, 彩夏, 彩花, 彩香)
“香” means fragrance. “彩” means colorful. “花” means flower. “夏” means summer.

74.RINA / りな(莉奈, 里奈, 里菜)
“莉” means grow up lovely and pure. “菜” means brassica napus.

75.CHIHIRO / ちひろ(千尋)
“千尋” means thousand, long and deep.

76.HONOKA / ほのか(穂香, 穂乃果)
“ほのか” means a rewarding life.

77.HUUKA / ふうか(風花, 風香, 楓花)
“風” means wind. “花” means flower. “香” means fragrance. “楓” means maple.

78.EMA / えま(愛茉, 咲舞)
“愛” means love. “咲” means smile, bloom and flowering.

79.NANAMI / ななみ(七海, 菜々美)
“七海” means seven seas. “菜” means brassica napus. “美” means beautiful.

80.RAN / らん(蘭)
“蘭” means orchid.

81.RINO / りの(梨乃)
“梨” means pear.

82.WAKA / わか(和花, 和香)
“和” means peaceful and calm. “花” means flower. “香” means fragrance.

83.YUME / ゆめ(優芽, 由愛, 夢)
“優” means kindness. “芽” means bud. “愛” means love. “夢” means dream.

84.AYANE / あやね(絢音, 彩音)
“音” means sound. “彩” means colorful.

85.MIKU / みく(美空, 美紅, 未来)
“美空” means beautiful sky. “美” means beautiful. “未来” means future.

86.HARUKA / はるか(遥香, 春香, 遥)
“遥” means far. “香” means fragrance. “春” means spring.

87.RENA / れな(玲奈, 麗奈, 玲菜)
“怜” means smart. “麗” means beautiful and grace. “菜” means brassica napus. “奈” means beauty and kindness.

88.YUNO / ゆの(悠乃, 柚乃)
“柚” means a small citrus fruit.

89.KOKORO / こころ(心)
It means heart.

90.YUIKA / ゆいか(唯花, 結花, 結香)
“花” mean flower. “結” means bear fruit and became successful. “香” means fragrance.

91.AMI / あみ(愛実, 亜美, 亜実)
“愛” means love. “実” means bear fruit and true. “美” means beautiful.

92.AYAME / あやめ(彩愛, 彩芽, 菖)
It means iris sanguinea. “彩” means colorful. “愛” means love. “芽” means bud.

93.AKANE / あかね(茜)
It means rubia argyi and red.

94.ERIKA / えりか(恵里香, 絵梨花, 恵梨香)
“恵” means grace, blessing and beautiful. “香” means fragrance. “梨” means pear. “花” means flower.

95.SAE / さえ(紗衣, 紗枝)
“紗” means thin silk. “枝” means tree branch.

96.HARUNA / はるな(春奈, 陽菜)
“春” means spring. ”陽” means sun, sunlight and warm. “菜” means brassica napus.

97.EMIKA / えみか(咲花)
It means the flower bloom.

98.MAYU / まゆ(真由, 茉優)
“真” means true. “優” means kindness.

99.CHINATSU / ちなつ(千夏)
“千” means a thousand. “夏” means summer.

100.NAO / なお(菜央, 菜緒, 奈桜)
“菜” means brassica napus. “桜” means cherryblossom.


Traditional Japanese Female Names

1.IZUMI / いずみ(泉)

2.MIYABI / みやび(雅)

3.KOZUE / こずえ(梢)

4.HOTARU / ほたる(蛍)

5.HIYORI / ひより(日和)

6.AKIRA / あきら(晶)

7.SAKURAKO / さくらこ(桜子)

8.ANKO / あんこ(杏子)

9.KAORUKO / かおるこ(薫子)

10.TSIBAKI / つばき(椿)

11.KYOUKA / きょうか(鏡花, 京香)

12.KOYUKI / こゆき(小雪)

13.YUKINO / ゆきの(雪乃)

14.KASUMI / かすみ(香澄)

15.TSUKUSI / つくし(月紫)

16.SHOUKO / しょうこ(翔子, 祥子)

17.RURI / るり(瑠璃)

18.ANZU / あんず(杏, 杏子)

19.MOMIJI / もみじ(紅葉, 椛)

20.KAZUHA / かずは(和葉)

21.TSUBOMI / つぼみ(蕾)

22.URARA / うらら(麗)

23.MIYAKO / みやこ(京, 都)

25.HARUMI / はるみ(春美, 晴美, 晴海, 春海)

26.SATSUKI / さつき(皐月)

27.MATSURI / まつり(祭)

28.HANAE / はなえ(花絵, 華絵, 英恵)

29.KOUME / こうめ(小梅)

30.MIZUKI / みずき(瑞希, 瑞貴)

31.TEMARI / てまり(手毬)

32.NAE / なえ(苗)

33.HUTABA / ふたば(双葉)

34.BOTAN / ぼたん(牡丹)

35.MICHIKO / みちこ(美智子, 道子, 美知子)

36.HUMINO / ふみの(文乃)

37.KIRINO / きりの(桐乃)

38.REIKO / れいこ(麗子, 玲子, 礼子)

39.KANAE / かなえ(香苗, 佳苗, 花苗)

40.TSUKINO / つきの(月乃)

41.KOHAKU / こはく(琥珀, 琥白)

42.NANAKO / ななこ(奈々子, 菜々子)

43.MIYUKI / みゆき(美幸, 美雪)

44.AYUMI / あゆみ(歩美, 亜由美)

45.AKEMI / あけみ(明美, 朱美)

46.ERI / えり(絵里, 恵理)

47.TAE / たえ(妙, 多恵, 多江)

48.TAKAKO / たかこ(貴子, 孝子, 多香子)

49.MASUMI / ますみ(真澄, 真純)

50.YURI / ゆり(百合, 由利, 友里, 由里)

51.IKU / いく(郁, 育)

52.KEI / けい(圭)

52.SHIZU / しず(静)

53.SHIZUKA / しずか(静香)

54.SHINOBU / しのぶ(忍)

55.UME / うめ(梅)

56.KOYOMI / こよみ(暦)

57.MIDORI /みどり(翠)

58.BENI / べに(紅)

59.YUZU / ゆず(柚)

60.AKINA / あきな(明菜, 明奈)

61.TOMO / とも(智, 友)

62.HUUKO / ふうこ(楓子, 風子)

63.YUMIKA / ゆみか(弓香, 由美香, 友美花, 優美香)

64.TOMOE / ともえ(巴, 友恵)

65.SAKIKO / さきこ(咲子, 早紀子, 沙貴子)

66.KIYOMI / きよみ(清美, 貴代美)

67.YUUKO / ゆうこ(優子, 裕子, 夕子)

68.TSUBOMI / つぼみ(蕾)

69.RYOUKO / りょうこ(涼子, 亮子, 遼子, 良子)

70.KONOKA / このか(京香, 木乃香)

71.KIYO / きよ(喜代)

72.KAYOKO / かよこ(佳代子, 香代子)

73.KAHOKO / かほこ(香保子)

74.KIYOKA / きよか(清香)

75.CHIZURU / ちずる(千鶴)

76.YUKARI / ゆかり(紫, 由香里, 由佳理)

77.KAZU / かず(和)

78.CHIYO / ちよ(千代)

79.SAYO / さよ(小夜, 紗代)

80.SHIKI / しき(志貴)

81.RINKO / りんこ(凛子)

82.YOSHINO / よしの(由乃)

83.NODOKA / のどか(和香, 和花)

84.SAYURI / さゆり(小百合, 早百合, 沙友里)

85.CHIYOKO / ちよこ(千代子)

86.SAYOKO / さよこ(小夜子, 咲代子)

87.YURINO / ゆりの(百合乃)

88.NANAKO / ななこ(奈々子, 菜々子)

89.WAKAKO / わかこ(和歌子, 和香子)

90.HANANO / はなの(花乃)

91.YUZUKA / ゆずか(柚香, 柚花)

92.MOMOKO / ももこ(桃子, 百子)

93.KIE / きえ(希恵, 貴恵)

94.KAYO / かよ(佳代, 花依, 奏夜)

95.KAORU / かおる(薫)

96.KYOU / きょう(恭)

97.KYOUKO / きょうこ(京子, 恭子)

98.CHIAKI / ちあき(千秋)

99.JYURI / じゅり(朱里, 樹里)

100.KAENO / かえの(楓乃)


Unique Japanese Female Names

1.YUNO / ゆの(悠乃, 結乃)

2.NIKO / にこ(仁子, 仁湖)

3.NEMU / ねむ(音夢)

4.NON / のん

5.HIME / ひめ(姫)

6.HIRARI / ひらり

7.MASHIRO / ましろ(真白)

8.MUGI / むぎ(麦)

9.YOTSUBA / よつば(四葉)

10.YAYOI / やよい(弥生)

11.AMANE / あまね(天音)

12.HATSUNE / はつね(初音)

13.MAYOI / まよい(真宵)

14.AMU / あむ(亜夢)

15.KOKONA / ここな(心夏)

16.RENKA / れんか(恋花, 恋歌)

17.NATSUME / なつめ(夏芽)

18.SENA / せな(世奈, 瀬奈, 星名)

19.KAREN / かれん(可憐, 花蓮)

20.YUMEKA / ゆめか(夢香, 夢叶)

21.KURUMI / くるみ

22.KIKO / きこ(希子)

23.NENE / ねね(音々, 寧々)

24.MOKA / もか(萌花, 萌花)

25.MONE / もね(萌音, 百音)

26.YUME / ゆめ(夢, 由愛, 優芽, 由夢)

27.YOU / よう(陽, 葉, 遥)

28.RIA / りあ(莉愛, 理亜, 里亜)

29.KAGARI / かがり

30.SAZANAMI / さざなみ(漣)

31.RUI / るい(瑠衣, 留依, 琉衣, 類)

32.AZAMI / あざみ(莇)

33.HOMARE / ほまれ(誉)

34.NAZUNA / なずな(薺)

35.HIBIKI / ひびき(響)

36.NATSU / なつ(夏, 菜津, 奈津)

37.NAMI / なみ(波, 奈美, 那美, 南美)

38.HIJIRI / ひじり(聖)

39.MIREI / みれい(美玲, 美麗, 実玲)

40.KII / きい(貴衣, 紀衣)

41.MIKAZE / みかぜ(美風)

42.NANASE / ななせ(七星, 七瀬)

43.UTAHA / うたは(詩葉)

44.RION / りおん(凛音, 李苑, 莉音, 璃音)

45.KANO / かの(花乃, 香乃)

46.HIMEKA / ひめか(妃花, 姫香, 姫花)

47.SERI / せり(芹)

48.KOMARI / こまり(小毬)

49.RIRIKA / りりか(梨々花, 梨々香, 凜々花)

50.CHINO / ちの

51.CHISAKI / ちさき(千咲)

52.TSUGIMI / つぐみ(愛実)

53.HAZUKI / はづき(葉月)

53.RITSUKA / りつか(律花)

54.MISONO / みその(美園)

55.YUUA / ゆうあ(優愛, 友愛, 結愛)

56.HIMAWARI / ひまわり(向日葵)

57.NANAKA / ななか(奈々花, 奈々香, 菜々花, 奈々香)

58.NANAHO / ななほ(七穂, 奈々穂, 菜々穂)

59.MOMOHA / ももは(桃葉)

60.SERA / せら(千愛)

61.IMARI / いまり(伊万里)

62.MIKURI / みくり

63.IKOI / いこい(憩)

64.KANAME / かなめ(要)

65.ASAHI / あさひ(朝日, 旭)

66.ITSUKI / いつき(樹)

67.IORI / いおり(伊織)

68.RISE / りせ(凛星)

69.SHURI / しゅり(朱里)

70.SEIRA / せいら(星羅, 星良)

71.ANJYU / あんじゅ(杏樹)

72.REIRA / れいら(玲良)

73.AIRA / あいら(愛羅, 愛蘭, 愛良)

74.ARISU / ありす(有栖)

75.MOEHA / もえは(萌葉)

76.MITSUHA / みつは(三葉, 美月葉)

77.MONIKA / もにか(萌仁香)

78.ARIA / ありあ(愛里亜)

79.NIJIKA / にじか(虹花)

80.MARIA / まりあ(真里亜, 万梨愛)

81.YUKU / ゆく(優空)

82.RIZE / りぜ(莉世)

83.MIKAN / みかん(蜜柑, 美柑)

84.RIAN / りあん(梨杏, 莉杏)

85.MEISA / めいさ(明咲)

86.MIRAN / みらん(美蘭)

87.OTOHA / おとは(乙葉, 乙羽, 音葉, 音羽)

88.CHIGUSA / ちぐさ(千草)

89.SERIKA / せりか(芹香, 世梨花, 芹夏)

90.KADUKI / かづき(香月, 花月, 楓月, 夏月)

91.RUKA / るか(月華, 月花, 流香, 琉花)

92.NATSUME / なつめ(夏芽)

93.ASUHA / あすは(明日葉)

94.KOTORI / ことり(小鳥, 琴里)

95.KONOKA / このか

96.SAGIRI / さぎり(紗霧)

97.YSUKIMI / つきみ(月海, 月美)

98.NANO / なの(夏乃, 菜乃, 奈乃)

99.MASUZU / ますず(真鈴, 真涼)

100.MARIN / まりん(真凛)


Cute Japanese Female Names

The names I think it’s cute.

1.ASUKA / あすか(明日香)

2.CHIKA / ちか(千花, 千佳)

3.SORA / そら(空, 天, 蒼来)

4.HITOMI / ひとみ(瞳)

5.SHION / しおん(紫苑, 詩音, 紫音)

6.TSUKI / つき(月, 月姫)

7.MIMI / みみ(未海, 美海)

8.MOMO / もも(桃, 萌々)

9.HIMENO / ひめの(姫乃)

10.TAMAKI / たまき(環)

11.MIRAI / みらい(未来)

12.MINAMI / みなみ(美波)

13.AZUSA / あずさ(梓)

14.RISA / りさ(里沙, 里紗, 理沙, 理沙)

15.AYA / あや(彩, 綾, 絢)

16.AMI / あみ(亜美, 亜実)

17.SHIHO / しほ(志保, 史穂, 詩帆)

18.NANA / なな(奈々, 奈那, 七奈, 菜々)

19.HONO / ほの(帆乃, 穂乃)

20.MAI / まい(舞, 真衣, 麻衣)

22.MAO / まお(真央, 麻央, 真緒)

23.MIHO / みほ(美穂, 美帆, 美歩, 未歩)

24.MOE / もえ(萌, 萌咲, 萌絵)

25.YUKA / ゆか(由香, 由佳, 友香, 結花)

26.MAYU / まゆ(真由, 麻友, 茉優)

27.YUNA / ゆな(優奈, 由奈, 夕奈, 優菜)

28.YUMI / ゆみ(由美, 裕美, 優美, 弓)

29.TSUBASA / つばさ(翼)

30.JUN / じゅん(潤, 純)

31.NOZOMI / のぞみ(望, 希, 望海, 希実)

32.MADOKA / まどか(円花, 円香)

33.SATOMI / さとみ(里美, 聡美, 里実)

34.KANATA / かなた

35.YUUKA / ゆうか(優花, 優香, 夕夏, 裕香)

36.HONOKA / ほのか(穂乃果, 穂香)

37.ERINA / えりな(恵里菜, 愛理奈)

38.MANAMI / まなみ(真奈美, 麻奈美, 愛美, 真波, 愛実)

39.AIKA / あいか(愛花, 愛華, 藍花)

40.YUIKA / ゆいか(唯香, 結花, 唯花)

41.RUKA / るか(瑠香, 流花, 瑠花)

42.YUKINA / ゆきな(雪奈, 優樹菜, 幸菜, 由紀奈)

43.KANA / かな(香奈, 香菜, 佳奈)

44.MAASA / まあさ(真麻)

45.MOEKA / もえか(萌香, 萌花)

46.RINKA / りんか(凛花, 凛香)

47.KARINA / かりな(香里奈, 香梨奈)

48.ARISA / ありさ(有紗, 有沙, 亜里沙)

49.INORI / いのり(祈)

50.SARA / さら(紗良, 沙羅, 沙良, 彩空)

51.SAORI / さおり(沙織, 早織)

52.SAAYA / さあや(紗綾, 沙彩, 彩綾)

53.REN(恋, 蓮)

54.TSUKASA / つかさ(月咲, 司)

55.MAKOTO / まこと(真琴, 真)

56.YUUKI / ゆうき(優希)

57.UMIKA / うみか(海花)

58.AYANO / あやの(綾乃, 文乃, 彩乃)

59.TOUKA / とうか(柊花)

60.SUZUKA / すずか(鈴花, 鈴香)

61.SAYUKI / さゆき(沙雪, 紗雪)

62.NIINA / にいな

63.MEGU / めぐ(愛)

64.NONOKA / ののか(野乃花, 野々花)

65.MIKAKO / みかこ(美香子, 未華子)

66.MIKI / みき(美紀, 未希, 美絹)

67.SAYA / さや(沙耶)

68.YUKI / ゆき(雪, 由紀, 有希)

69.MEGUMI / めぐみ(恵美, 恵, 愛実)

70.MIOU / みおう(美桜)

71.AKI / あき(秋, 亜紀, 亜希)

72.MANAKA / まなか(愛花, 愛華)

73.MAIKA / まいか(舞花, 舞香, 苺花, 苺香)

74.NAKO / なこ(奈子, 菜子)

75.CHISA / ちさ(千紗, 千桜)

76.KANADE / かなで(奏)

77.CHISATO / ちさと(千里)

78.JYURINA / じゅりな(珠理奈, 里奈, 樹里奈, 寿里奈)

79.EMIRI / えみり

80.NARUMI / なるみ(鳴海, 成美, 成海)

81.RION / りおん(莉音, 里音)

82.MAYA / まや(麻耶, 真弥)

83.MAHO / まほ(真帆, 真穂, 麻穂, 真歩)

84.HUUKA / ふうか(風香, 楓花, 楓華, 楓夏)

85.YUKINE / ゆきね(雪音)

86.REIKA / れいか(麗華, 麗香, 玲香, 麗花)

87.NATSUHO / なつほ(夏帆, 夏穂)

88.WAKABA / わかば(若葉)

89.MISUZU / みすず(美鈴)

90.MAKI / まき(真紀, 真希, 真樹, 麻紀)

91.SERINA / せりな(瀬里奈, 芹那, 芹菜)

92.MAHIRO / まひろ(万優, 優心, 万尋)

93.HONAMI / ほなみ(穂波, 帆波, 星南)

94.AKENO / あけの(朱乃, 明乃)

95.MIKO / みこ(美心, 美子, 実子, 美虹)

96.YURINA / ゆりな(優里奈)

97.RARA / らら

98.MAKO / まこ(真子, 眞子, 麻子)

99.KARIN / かりん(花梨, 花凛)

100.ANRI / あんり(杏里, 杏梨, 杏莉)